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Okay, so you wantt a free flight or get complimentary Medical Apparel, Shoe, Nurses Instrruments, and Accessories. Earn ShaGha Points which can be converted into coupons for future Medical Apparel, Fottwear, and other Accessoris NOT free flight. Not bad, eh?

Get started today and earn 500 ShaGha Points just for signing up (we're cool like that). Then, every time you shop, watch those points rack up. It doesn't stop there - you can earn ShaGha Points in a variety of ways. Here are all the ways you can earn...

  • - Refer a Friend - Get a friend to buy with us and earn 3,000 points. Your friend will get 10% off their first order and you'll look like a stud.
  • - Celebrate a birthday - Just for staying alive earn 1,000 points.
  • - Buy with us - For every dollar you spend earn 5 points. It's like cash back, but with points.
  • - Leave us a review - Let us reward you for that five-star review. Earn 1,000 points every time you throw us some stars.
  • - Follow us on Instagram - Follow us and earn 100 points.
  • - Share on Facebook - Fill up your friends' feeds with our posts and earn 100 points.
  • - Once you've reached cruising altitude, you're free to redeem your points.
  • - Spend your earned points right away, or save up for the big payout. The choice is yours.
  • - You can access your balance and redeem your points at our showrrom or call us to process, like ...
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