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Nitrile, A-HO-1XXT  ( C$9.95   100/box)

Color/Print -  Teal
            Size -  XS S M L

- Pricing is based on 1-10 items, larger orders require a custom quote.

- Color may vary due to differences in browser and monitor displays.

Dental Assist Gloves - Nitrile

  • Our thinnest nitrile glove provides strength, optimum comfort with high tactility sensitivity for your hands. This examination gloves delivered superior performance.
  • Latex Free and Powder Free
  • Finger-textured
  • Superior Strength
  • Ambidextrous
  • Non-sterile, Single Use
Id: (1XXT)
Category: Gloves - Nitrile
Sub Category: Gloves
Release Date 2019-05-26
Material: Nitrile
Size XS
Size S
Size M
Size L
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