Vinyl Gloves

Gloves made in polyvinyl chloride, latex-free material. Ideal gloves for everyday use. Comes in both thick and thin sizes. Looser fit than latex and nitrile; tighter fit than poly. Not ideal for work with hazardous materials. Good for short-term use, most economical option. Comes in two types ... 1) Powdered; Easy to put on hands when in glove form. More resistant to rips and tears than powder-free. 2) Powder-free; More ideal for restaurants because there is no chance of po

Brands ...
  • Aurelia (2)
  • Hands-On (1)
Color Family ... Blue Clear White All
Vinyl Gloves, 50-3899 Vinyl Gloves, 50-3899
Vinyl Gloves, 52-382X Vinyl Gloves, 52-382X
Vinyl, 3XXCF Vinyl, 3XXCF