Patient Gown / Medical Exam Gown - Washable

Products intended to protection against contamination. Shoe Cover; Non-Skid, 30 to 40 gsm non-woven fabric, available in colors. Bouffant Cap; Non-woven 10 - 20 g / m2, round elastic, available in colors. Clip Cap; Non-woven 12 gsm or more, single elastic / double elastic. Capes; provide convenient coverage for specific needs. An ample fit offers modesty and security for patients while allowing access for examinations and procedures. Shorts, Br

Brands ...
  • ShaGha (63)
Color Family ... As-Shown All
Exam Gown-B01 Exam Gown-B01
Exam Gown-B02 Exam Gown-B02
Exam Gown-B03 Exam Gown-B03
Exam Gown-B04 Exam Gown-B04
Exam Gown-B05 Exam Gown-B05
Exam Gown-B06 Exam Gown-B06
Exam Gown-B07 Exam Gown-B07
Exam Gown-B08 Exam Gown-B08
Exam Gown-B09 Exam Gown-B09
Exam Gown-B10 Exam Gown-B10
Exam Gown-B11 Exam Gown-B11
Exam Gown-B12 Exam Gown-B12
Exam Gown-B13 Exam Gown-B13
Exam Gown-B14 Exam Gown-B14
Exam Gown-B15 Exam Gown-B15
Exam Gown-B16 Exam Gown-B16
Exam Gown-B17 Exam Gown-B17
Exam Gown-B18 Exam Gown-B18
Exam Gown-B19 Exam Gown-B19
Exam Gown-B20 Exam Gown-B20
Exam Gown-B21 Exam Gown-B21
Exam Gown-F01 Exam Gown-F01
Exam Gown-F02 Exam Gown-F02
Exam Gown-F03 Exam Gown-F03
Exam Gown-F04 Exam Gown-F04
Exam Gown-F05 Exam Gown-F05
Exam Gown-F06 Exam Gown-F06
Exam Gown-F07 Exam Gown-F07
Exam Gown-F08 Exam Gown-F08
Exam Gown-F09 Exam Gown-F09
Exam Gown-F10 Exam Gown-F10
Exam Gown-F11 Exam Gown-F11
Exam Gown-F12 Exam Gown-F12
Exam Gown-F13 Exam Gown-F13
Exam Gown-F14 Exam Gown-F14
Exam Gown-F15 Exam Gown-F15
Exam Gown-F16 Exam Gown-F16
Exam Gown-F17 Exam Gown-F17
Exam Gown-S01 Exam Gown-S01
Exam Gown-S02 Exam Gown-S02
Exam Gown-S03 Exam Gown-S03
Exam Gown-S04 Exam Gown-S04
Exam Gown-S06 Exam Gown-S06
Exam Gown-S07 Exam Gown-S07
Exam Gown-S08 Exam Gown-S08
Exam Gown-S09 Exam Gown-S09
Exam Gown-S10 Exam Gown-S10
Exam Gown-S11 Exam Gown-S11
Exam Gown-S12 Exam Gown-S12
Exam Gown-S13 Exam Gown-S13
Exam Gown-S15 Exam Gown-S15
Exam Gown-S16 Exam Gown-S16
Exam Gown-S17 Exam Gown-S17
Exam Gown-S18 Exam Gown-S18
Exam Gown-S19 Exam Gown-S19
Exam Gown-S20 Exam Gown-S20
Exam Gown-S22 Exam Gown-S22
Exam Gown-S23 Exam Gown-S23
Exam Gown-S24 Exam Gown-S24
Exam Gown-S25 Exam Gown-S25
Exam Gown-S26 Exam Gown-S26
Exam Gown-S27 Exam Gown-S27
Exam Gown-S28 Exam Gown-S28