Medical Exam Drapes

Disposable Bedding / Medical Exam Drapes for safe patient handling, hygiene, and infection control. Offer comfort, modesty and coverage with absorbent tissue and added poly layers for additional barrier protections. Offer an added layer of protection to minimize the potential for cross contamination from paper to other sites within the exam room. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms including mold, mildew, fungi, and order-causing bacteria. Ideal for use

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Bed Set, 50983 Bed Set, 50983
Bed Sheets, 091 Bed Sheets, 091
Bed Sheets, 092 Bed Sheets, 092
Drape Sheets, 47258 Drape Sheets, 47258
Drape Sheets, 47258
Drape - Disposable Keep patient relaxed and comfortable with a soft tissue drapes. Constructed of either two or three layers the ...
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Drape Sheets, 48615 Drape Sheets, 48615
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