Physio Clinic Disposable Supplies

Disposables supplies / daily essentials for Physio, Beuaty / SPA clinics. Infections caused by cross contamination, when many people are touching or sharing same couch, or chair potentially introducing more and more germs causing greater risk of spreading infections. These risks can be taken away by using disposable gloves, table paper, face masks, more.

Brands ...
  • Aurelia (2)
  • Earthlite (2)
  • grahammedical (4)
Color Family ... White All
Face Rest Cover-1 Face Rest Cover-1
Face Rest Cover-2 Face Rest Cover-2
Gauz, Pure Cotton, 2x2 Gauz, Pure Cotton, 2x2
Gauz, Pure Cotton, 4x4 Gauz, Pure Cotton, 4x4
Headband, 53300 Headband, 53300
Table Sheets, 43656 Table Sheets, 43656
Tourniquet, 36648 Tourniquet, 36648
Wipes, 52509 Wipes, 52509