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Boxers, CSB  ( C$36.95   ea)

comfortable / 

Color/Print -  BLK
               Size -  M-L

Comfortable Healthcare antibacterial and supportive ostomy underwear is fully elastic and has a perfect fit on the body for both men and women

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Each year approximately 15,000 people in the Netherlands break their hip. One of the causes is osteoporosis. The group most at risk largely consists of people of 60 years and older.

Osteoporosis is not the only cause of hip fractures: diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia and joint disorders increase the risk thereof.

  • Significant shock absorption, >60% fall impact reduction
  • Highly comfortable fit, can be worn day and night
  • Removable protective elements
  • Available in three colours
  • Closed and open crotch shorts

How to prevent?

The idea is simple: if most damage to the hips is caused by a fall, the chances of prevention are highest if the shock of such a fall can be reduced.

 A couple of years ago Loek Bos of Lyds International set to work on this principle for the avoidance of a lot of discomfort for the elderly and high healthcare costs.

Stichting Consument en Veiligheid and the Osteoporosis Foundation support the Hip Protector which was designed by Lyds and made of SANDS, which is based on a strong shock absorbing material used by NASA in space shuttles for the interior. Comfortable Nederland has taken over these activities of Lyds International.

Smart and light material

SANDS is a thin and very elastic material that has an improved fit, providing a smart and skin-friendly adjustment to the contours of the human body. Laboratory tests have shown that the material absorbs no less than 60% of the shock caused by a fall. The Comfort Hip Protector incorporates the shock absorbing material in the critical areas in the hip areas of the elastic, cotton underwear.

Low risk

The high shock absorption of the Comfort Hip Protector considerably reduces the risk of hip fractures. Tests in home care have even showed that those wearing them gain more self confidence in their freedom of movement. Pants with an open crotch are also available for people with incontinence problems. Stichting Consument en Veiligheid is happy with the invention.

Extremely comfortable to wear

The cotton underwear is thin and elastic and the soft, flexible protection elements are not even a centimetre thick and are extremely comfortable to wear. The soft comfortable elements can even in the evening and at night, the times in the day during which bone fractures occur, without any problem!