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Sanitizer Cabinet  ( C$58.95   ea)

Generac / 

Color/Print -  WHT
               Size -  One Size

Disinfectant / Sanitizer Bottle Cabinet, Lockable Wall Unit

  • Infection prevention accessory, to help preventing possible infection in the public such as in clinics, offices, and other public places.
  • Design to install disinfectant gel bottle, Alcohol spray bottle.
  • Lockable to prevent theft and make you more secure to install and manage disinfectant bottles in public such as clinics, office, factory, and warehouse.
  • Can be used with various bottles of different height as well as width.
  • Can utilize your empty wall as it is wall mounting type.
  • Products comes assembled and easy install.
  • Screw and fix the cabinet to the place where you want to install.
  • Transparent cover makes you easily check the replacement timing of the bottle.
  • 2 selectable color option to adapt various environment.
  • Gel and bottles are not included.
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