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Dental Bib Holder, Disposable  ( C$36.95   250/box)

Plasdent / 

Color/Print -  WHT
               Size -  17 Inch

Bibd Holder / Band - Disposable

Stretchable paper bib holder. Disposable bib holders with self-adhesive tabs attach to any bib. Eliminates the need for bib clip sterilization. The self-adhesive ends secure to any bib and removal is as easy as tearing a piece of paper. White, Stretchable, soft, non-woven bands stretch to fit and are comfortable on the patient's neck. Attach to any bib with Biband's self-adhesive ends.
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Whose Dental Visist are you sharing? Oral and Skin Bacteria from patients and clinicians were found on disinfected bib clips.