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Pink Petal   ( C$63.95   50/pk)

Zirc / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  12 5/8 X 11 1/4 X 4 Inch

Let your Sliva Ejector Blossom!

  • Single Use, Latex Free
  • Created by hygienist, Karrie Velhy, the Pink Petal is a great isolation product for all dental practices looking to fulfill the need of hands-free isolation.
  • Easily slide the Pink Petal on any saliva ejector creating a devce that will provide continuous suction.
  • This product is great relief for patients who want to hold the suction themselves or choose not to swallow during a procedure.
  • Idela for Scaling and Root Planning, Ultrasonic Scaling, Sealants.
  • Holds suction tip in place.
  • Protects and retracts cheek.
  • Patient can close around suction with ease.
  • Easily slides onto saliva ejector.
  • Soft, comfortable material.
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