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Bite Registration  ( C$29.95 C$28.95   kit)

Hedy / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  Standard

Bite Registration Kit - Regular

  • Made of high quality raw materials. It provides the perfect balance between fluidity and solid stability and has amazing flow properties.
  • Designed for accurate, interocclusal bite records, copy transfers and primary impressions.
  • The results: very rigid at the set and a very accurate registration.
  • Available in Regular Set, Fast Set, Super Fast Set.
  • Colour : Light Blue
  • Fluffy-mousse like consistency
  • High-level performance.
  • Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression with bite trays.
  • Simple, high level performance
  • Fluffy, mousse like consistency
  • Superior crown and bridge alignment, great fit
  • Available in regular, fast and super-fast set
  • Delivers a substantial savings on each impression
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