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Bed Sheets, 091  ( C$43.95   100/box)

BournasMedicals / Paper Items

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  80 Cm X 210 Cm

Bed Sheet - Disposable

  • Examination paper in sheets for single use , is made from one ply white paper 23gr/m2, of 100% pure pulp, and one ply PE 15 gr/m2, thermally laminated.
  • Its usage reassures the hygiene and the protection of all surfaces that need to be covered, such as examination beds, hospital beds, stretchers, or even workbenches, from undesired leaks. Strong, soft and easy to use.
  • Available in two types: 1) Basic for protection and safety. 2)Extra with additional streaks of 48 threads for extra resistance
  • Laminated sheets, of 100% pure pulp, waterproof, absorbing, Basic for protection and safety, Extra with additional streaks of 48 threads for extra resistance.
  • Pieces per box: 10
  • Pieces per carton: 100
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