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Fitted Sheet, 54311  ( C$121.95   25/box)

grahammedical / Elite

Color/Print -  Blue
               Size -  89 X 40 Inch

Fitted Sheets - Disposable

  • SnugFit Sheets - A full line of speciality stretcher sheets to protect and ensure patient comfort.
  • The SnugFit Stretch Sheet is specifically designed to fit mattress up to 75 X 30 (fits Ultra Comfort Mattress #1001) the sheet features an anti-static treatment and designed with added elastic material for secure fit and optimal comfort for patient and healthcare professional.
  • The SnugFit Stretch Sheet is made of a nonwoven material designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination protecting both the patient and mattress. The linen-likematerial is ideal for patient comfort.
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  1. As a single-use sheet, SnugFit Stretch Sheet is an affordable alternative to reusable linens and allows for quick patient turn over in an acute care setting – exactly where it is needed most.
  2. The sheet is ideal for mattresses used in hospital, ER, OR, trauma and surgery centers.
  3. When enhanced patient comfort and superior performance are critical, Graham Medical’s Elite products are the preferred choice