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Cup Holder, T-CH  ( C$9.95   ea)

Tenura / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  One Size

Cup Holder - Antimicrobial

  • Providing a firm grip on most types of cup and a non-slip base which will hold fast on smooth surfaces, tables, and desktops, the Tenura cup holder helps to prevent spills and keeps cups in place.
  • The specially designed gripper holds cups of al shapes and sizes so that the cup hoder stays with the cup wherever it is relocated and the semi-rigid body contains small spills and drips, protecting surfaces from damage and marking.
  • Providing firm grip for cups in domestic and clinical circumstances, preventing spills and marking of surfaces
  • Holds cups firm on surfaces that are not horizontal and / or are subject to motion or tipping.
  • Useful for people with an unsteady grip or muscle tremors.
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