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Bedpan Pro Kit, KBJ04  ( C$82.95   20/Box)

hygie / 

Color/Print -  ASN
               Size -  Standard

Bedpan ProKit

  • The is the perfect solution for managing and effectively containing body fluids at the point of care.
  • It combines in a single economical format the bedpan support and the Hygienic covers for bedpan support.
  • You have the complete system for managing body fluids in your facility, whether for extensive use or simply for isolation.
  • Used with Hygienic Covers, the Bedpan Support (also available as a single use kit) is the perfect solution for containing pathogens.
  • The Bedpan supports the characteristics of the orthopedic bedpan and the standard bedpan.
  • It facilitates handling while being applicable to all patients who require a bedpan.
  • Single patient, the Bedpan Support reduces the time spent handling biological fluids, cleaning and disinfecting contaminated equipment (one support per patient per stay).
  • The bedpan extender is used for overweight people.
  • Stands on the Support to increase its height.
  • Each Hygienic Cover (liner) fits easily on a bedpan and contains a super-absorbent pad that absorbs and solidifies more than 700 ml of body fluids (urine, blood and stool) within seconds.
  • It reduces the risk of spills and dispersions of infectious germs, helping to prevent HAI and cross-contamination.
  • The Hygienic Cover is made from recycled materials.
  • Benefit - Substantially reduces the incidence of nosocomial infections
  • Benefit - Economic
  • Benefit - Captures contaminants at the source
  • Benefit - Allows a complete and unique system for each patient that can be used according to specific needs
  • Benefit - Eliminate chores of cleanings
  • Benefit - Easy to implement and requires no investment
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