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Stethoscope Holder, 0191X  ( C$8.95   ea)

ThinkMedical / 

Color/Print -  WHTBLKHTRRYLBerryTealPRP
               Size -  One Size

Stethoscope Holder

  • A common sense solution to the problem of carrying and storing stethoscopes.
  • Eliminates neck stiffness caused by draping stethoscope
  • Minimizes stethoscope tubing damage caused by skin oils
  • Reduces chances of misplaced or damaged stethoscopes
  • Lessens chance of patient being struck by a swinging stethoscope
  • Clips firmly to the health care professional's belt or waistband with a spring loaded belt clip.
  • It may also be attached to scrub tops (for those who do not tuck in their tops).
  • The front of the device has a recess to hold a stethoscope chest piece.
  • Receptacles on the sides hold the stethoscope earpieces.
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